Between Memory and Theft - at The Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum

Erik A. Frandsen, solo exhibition at the Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China.


Dec 8, 2012 – March 31, 2013

"Erik A. Frandsen, who has had exhibited at Faurschou among other spaces, continues to investigate contrasts in color, illumination and texture. Here, we even have a car made from old scraps of textiles, quilted together by a group of women in the museum itself. Out in Hegezhuang". 

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"Danish artist Erik A. Frandsen has touched on many different forms of art since the 1980s. Whether it is inpaintingvideo or installation, the effective expression of the bodily experience has been the goal for which he has searched. Unlike many leading Western artists who directly use the body as an expressive method, Erik A. Frandsen cannot escape from the centuries of formal destiny in visual art, or from the most precious perceptive talents that history has bestowed on art" (Cafa Art Info, Jan 9, 2013)

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Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum presents "Erik A. Frandsen: Between Memory and Theft" exploring his free expression